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The leadership development organization called Team which was started by a gentlemen named Orrin Woodward, developed a system that has created the best of the best in leadership minds this country has ever seen.

I believe that in order to ‘be’ something great you need to ‘stand’ for something great. There is no doubt in my mind that leadership, community building and life coaching is the next mainstream business model of the future that has been pioneered by the Team organization. I don’t doubt that the Team will bring freedom to hundreds of thousands to millions of lives in the world. I have no doubts the Team will be written about in history books for our children, grand-children and great grand-children to read about. The leadership that creates the culture and the foundation of this life changing profession is so pure and credible and it is being led by the top servant leaders called the policy council of the Team. These men and women have served, mentored and affected thousands of people around the world because of their leadership. While I can’t profile all of the amazing couples, the one man who deserves the recognition for the impact he has made in people’s lives for his servant leadership is Orrin Woodward.

Orrin Woodward has a background in manufacturing engineering, holds 4 United States patents, earned an exclusive National Benchmarking Award, is currently the #7 leadership guru in the entire world, has a blog listed in HR’s top 100 blogs in leadership, is a New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Business Weekly best-selling co-author of Launching a Leadership Revolution, has written several top charted leadership books with his business partner Chris Brady: Leadership and Liberty, Leadership Tidbits and Treasures and his most recent book L.I.F.E (Living Intentionally For Excellence). Orrin is also co-founder of the Team. Aside from these and many other successes, he is a father, a husband, a son, a friend, a mentor and a leader for many. Orrin is the most humble, passionate, purpose driven, servant leaders (I believe) our modern day has ever seen. He is a hero to many and a man who stands on principles, values and purpose.

A simple way to define servant leadership is that the leader puts others first before himself. Servant leaders enhance the lives in the organization and lead those people and the organization to success due to their selfless actions! Servant leadership is not a combination of words that get tossed around often. It is a practiced skill and a heart change that leaders possess as they embark on their leadership journey.

The men and women in the policy council of the team embody the words servant leadership. They are examples for anyone looking to develop a strong organization and following.

Orrin Woodward’s stated goal from the time he first started to develop communities through leadership and systems has been to go to 1,000,000 people; to lead 1,000,000 people to change their lives within the community of Team; because 1,000,000 can turn around a country that is crying out for leadership. Our world needs more servant leaders and I believe the Team leadership community along with the Living Intentionally For Excellence business model is the only opportunity on the planet that systemitizes leadership in order for us to focus on serving and helping people learn about truth and freedom in a dying world.

Blessings, Kristen Seidl