I used to hear all the time that as long as I went to college and received a degree, I would be secure and successful. I must have heard that from every person I knew. It’s fascinating to me how even  5-10 years the words that used to be said all the time, are barely spoken anymore. As I reflect on a few years back I was playing college basketball, working full time 3rd shift and taking 16-19 credits a semester. Even at that time, I would tell myself, “if I can only get through this day.” Then that day became a week, the week became a month and that month eventually became a year. I didn’t socialize, I had low self-esteem and image and the only thing that kept my thinking in check was that I never had any down time to allow struggle to creep in. By the time I knew it my college years were over, I received the certificate saying I was a professional and I was relieved that I could finally start LIVING. Boy my perception was wrong…

Around my mid-college career I was introduced to a company called the Team. I didn’t realize that what looked like something I wanted nothing to do with at the time eventually would be the very blessing that changed my life. I started to learn about this gentleman named Orrin Woodward and when my mentor Dave introduced this profession of community building to me, he would say, “we need to follow this guy, I don’t know what it is about him but there is definitely something special.” Dave had a lot of influence in my life because I had known him a while and trust was the only thing that kept me around to learn about this Orrin Woodward character. I started to learn financial principles, faith principles and freedom principles and this was all before I even decided to be part of the Team. I fell in love with the Team training system that didn’t just train me in business or building communities, but trained me in LIFE.    

I started teaching right out of college at an inner city school because I wanted the challenge. My perception of LIVING quickly changed and soon I fell into this complacent, depressed state and I hadn’t even been 6 months into my “career” as a teacher. Surrounding me were other teachers that had been in this rut for years, that would tell me, “yup, good luck, I hope you have some money stashed away because when you retire, there’s going to be nothing left.” The negativity and fear from these other professionals just discouraged me to pieces. Security and success, yeah right! That did it for me. I absolutely LOVED teaching, but what I didn’t love were the restrictions of LIVING! I felt trapped everyday because I knew I was under someone else’s control. And all along I felt like I was meant to do something really big, I was just driving the wrong vehicle.

Before deciding to build communities, I believed my purpose was just to make people happy. Now that’s fine and dandy in my own eyes, but God had a different plan. I thank Him every day that He was patient with me until I was able to get me out of the way so He could reveal my true purpose through Him; providing me with a vehicle called LIFE (living intentionally for excellence) through which I can lead people to information that was instrumental in changing my life in faith, family, friends, finances, freedom, following, fitness and fun. Orrin Woodward’s courage to overcome and stand up when his knees were weak, is the only reason why I was blessed enough to learn the good news and begin my spiritual walk with Christ; that which led me to my purpose through which a business happens to be attached. For that, Orrin is not only special, but he is a true hero. This is only the beginning of the journey, however, LIVING is finally a blessed reality due to the changed life that the TEAM/LIFE system has fulfilled for me and many others.

Blessings, Kristen