We are in some extremely confusing times right now. When you look at 2011 and the state of our country, confusion is about all we can conclude as far as explaining what is happening. When you hear statistics and stories that talk about over 50% of every marriage will end in divorce, a student entering college this year will go into a degree that might not even be available by the time they graduate, the average American has $16,000 in consumer debt (outside of their mortgage), 75% of people with a mortgage are upside down on their house (they owe more on it than it’s worth), in the last 4 years there have been more bankruptcies than college graduates, a person with a master’s degree is now over-qualified to work in the profession they spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to prepare for and years of their time because the company can now pay someone else to do the same job for cheaper. So now this highly educated adult is stuck making $10 an hour at a job they hate – and the positive answer from most is, “at least you have a job.” The average father spends 38 seconds a day looking into his child’s eyes, people don’t have faith or believe in anything anymore, the cost of living is going up 10% per year, paychecks are going down, the value of the dollar is going down, jobs are moving to other countries and never coming back… should I keep going? 

Confusion, fear, frustration is at an all time high and we are living right in the middle of it all! I can’t blame anyone for feeling this way, living is probably even the wrong word to use for the average person, I believe most people are just in survival mode. It’s a tough world out there. People are going to bed tonight (it could be your neighbor, your co-worker or your own mother) praying for hope, love and security.

In Robert Kiyosaki’s book, The Cashflow Quadrant, he talks about learning new rules in the new economy. He says in order to thrive in the information age, we need to learn NEW information. If we continue to follow the old rules of society, we will be left behind. I believe this is what’s happening right now. The problem is, who out there is teaching this information to help us thrive in the new economy, in the information age?

If you have read this far and I haven’t depressed you enough to close the browser, then I can tell you where to get this information. This isn’t hype nor is it too good to be true, it’s REAL! If there is ever a time to go on faith and to trust, it is now. In fact, what is the worst that could possibly happen? If you read the first paragraph, I rest my case. There is a company being launched on 11/1/11 called LIFE. The acronym means LIVING INTENTIONALLY FOR EXCELLENCE. Helping people live again, offer hope back into the lives of so many Americans who are living on .0001% hope and just barely making it each day. Ben Franklin said, “most men die at 25 and wait until 65 to be buried.” We are offering LIFE back to these men. To allow father’s to spend hours upon hours looking into his child’s eyes, to build relationships and marriages back up in the home, to help people cut up the credit card and actually have money in a savings account that collects positive interest, to help a hard working, honest person get rewarded handsomly for their efforts instead of the alternative. We are essentially offering the information Kiyosaki is talking about using the 8 F’s and a lucrative compensation plan to reward people for spreading the information our country so desperately needs in order to fix the crisis that it is in.

The business model that LIFE founders Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, George Guzzardo, Dan Hawkins, Claude Hamilton, Bill Lewis and Tim Marks have created is going to be the most lucrative life changing opportunity the 21st century has ever seen. A little while back my pastor told a story at church about how Jesus said in the bible, “In this world, you will have trouble…” but it just takes one person to attach himself to God’s rope, and they will be saved (secularly and eternally). And as each of us attach ourselves to that rope we are bound together with strength and wisdom and can overcome any obstacle that is out of our control in this world. He said “we are bound together in the plan of God.” Orrin Woodward was the first to attach himself to God’s rope and trust that God would lead him in the right direction. Soon after, one by one, person after person started grabbing onto that rope and not letting go. Now hundreds and thousands are attached to the rope, and soon it will be millions. I believe this rope will be the only security people can hold on to. And as the rope gets thicker and tighter bound together, nothing will be able to pull it apart. I believe this is God’s plan to fix our country and because of the courage of one man, Orrin Woodward, who humbled himself and listened to God years ago and attached himself to the rope, we all have the opportunity to be saved in LIFE (pun intended). To start learning new information in the new economy and throw the rope out for others to grab on to. My recommendation is grab the rope and never let go! Your LIFE will never be the same!

Blessings, Kristen