The question I often hear when introducing the concepts of LIFE is, “What the heck do you do? What is community building?” Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady are masters at building communities. They have been studying this concept and putting it into action for almost two decades. In fact, the competence surrounding this new business model is unmatched; having over 100 years of experience in community building between the seven founding couples.

Community is such a buzz word in the business world that nearly every profession is trying to figure out how to implement it. You hear of churches, schools, hospitals, corporate offices, gas stations and even the local tavern on the corner ask the question “how do we grow our community?” They create loyalty cards, leagues, sponsorships, clubs, and management positions with the idea that the more we offer our community, the more community we will have. Do you ever go to the same gas station chain every time, even if it’s out of the way or a few pennies higher per gallon? Why do you do that? My guess is you have a “rewards card” that will allow you to save money on gas or purchases. Guess what, that gas station is creating a community. Have you ever played on a sports league at a bar on Wednesday nights? What do you do before, during and after the game? My guess is, throw one back after that amazing victory or ugly loss. You guessed it… they are creating a community. Community is people. Community is loyalty and commitment.

But what about online? The internet has created this concept that the world is flat by leveling the playing field in the economic and social world. Today, people can plug in and literally be neighbors of communication with someone in Australia or Spain. When it comes to community in business, competition is fierce online. There is very little loyalty or commitment. For example, in my lifetime I have owned a Hewlett Package PC, a Dell PC and now a Sony Vaio laptop and I am convinced that my next computer will be an Apple. New trends, prices, effectiveness, ect all play a part when buying online. Very rarely do we stick with the same company or product when there is a dotcom on the address.

The best example of community online is Facebook. Facebook currently has over 750 million active users. If you took the populations of the United States, Indonesia and Brazil, you would reach close to 750 million people. If Facebook were a country it would be the 3rd largest country in the world (next to China and India). Now why do I give you these crazy statistics? Facebook is a mainstream business that has built a massive community online. The only differences between Facebook and Team is Facebook doesn’t have face to face contact with the community members and they certainly don’t pay you to build the community. In fact, you build the Facebook community every time you refer a new friend to someone else; every time you play a new game; every time you write on someone’s wall. When was the last time Facebook sent you a check?

So how does the Team build communities through the LIFE business? The same concepts that helped Facebook go mainstream, are the same concepts we use to build communities in LIFE. The biggest difference is, we look for four qualities in people.  First, we seek out individuals who are looking for something more out of life. Those that are sick and tired of being sick and tired. How about being ambitious? If you wake up at 5:30am to go to a job you don’t enjoy… you qualify. We encourage people to become teachable. If you have never had experience in building large communities of people in the information age, it might be important to be humble enough to learn from those who have. And the last and most important absolute is honesty/character.

Interestingly enough, almost everyone qualifies for our community. I say almost because there are some out there who have character flaws. A community is built on trust, relationships, loyalty and commitment. If you can’t be trusted or you have alterior motives, you will be found out. Orrin Woodward says, “I am looking for one million leaders to begin to change our culture, I am not naive enough to believe that all 350 million + people in America and Canada will have what it takes to become a leader.”

The community building industry is explained exactly how it sounds. We build communities of peope where products and services flow. We link people up to the internet, just as Facebook does but instead we have face to face, personal relationships with our community. We have the power of the internet partnered with the power of personal relationships. Not to offend anyone but if I posted a message on my wall that I had a flat tire at 1:00am on a Monday night, my “friends” on Facebook probably won’t drop everything to come change my tire. However, if I call a team member, they would be there in a heartbeat. It’s because our community members have personal relationships with each other; about as close as a family. Our communities are built using a system of information in leadership and the 8 F’s: faith, family, friends, finances, fitness, following, freedom, fun. The members of the community are paid based on their personal growth and level of leadership and their ability to build relationships, love people, serve and make a difference. Our end product is a better YOU!

I often ask this question to people, “Have you ever just wanted to be a part of something really BIG?” Everyone does! In fact, an unfullfilled life is the only real tragedy at death. I have never met anyone who enjoys being alone and unhappy. What we are about to do is going to be bigger than Facebook. Just imagine with me. The LIFE/TEAM community that Orrin Woodward started has over 20,000 people across America, Canada, Australia and Mexico currently committed to personal growth and leadership development. Let’s say each of those 20,000 members referred ONE friend to this community and each new person was now committed to personal growth and making a difference. We now have 40,000. Now 40,000 of us refer one more friend. We are now up to 80,000 difference makers. That worked well last time, lets do that again, now we have 160,000. Does everyone have at least four friends, let’s make it 320,000. And maybe we each refer one more… we are now at 640,000 people. Just imagine if all 640,000 people referred ONE MORE FRIEND to this LIFE changing community. And each of those individuals bought into the concept of changing the world through personal development. We would reach 1,280,000 people!! FIRST GOAL HIT!!! It started with 20,000 people each finding one person who was looking, ambitious, teachable and honest. And by all of us playing our part… the power of finding 6 leaders each, we go to 1,000,000 + people. That’s a million lives who have choices; who can plan a retirement party in their 20’s and 30’s, who can stay at home and spend the best hours of their day with their kids, who can take their dream vacation, who can live a debt free/cash lifestyle, who can give 90% of their income away to churches and charities, who can live in their dream home, who can leave a legacy for their family. I think we all know 6 people. Think about it. How many Facebook ‘friends’ do you currently have? I tell you what, if you build this community like you would your ‘friends list’ on Facebook, you would be a muti-millionaire in community building. TEAM/LIFE will be the mainstream community building business model of the future. Orrin Woodward is the Mark Zuckerburg of building communities online but the only master at sustaining those communities for future generations offline. And so you ask the question, “What do you do?”

We build communities of people and lead them to a better LIFE! Welcome to the community.

Blessings, Kristen