The TEAM and L.I.F.E has something that separates itself from any other company in the industry. Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady have created the best system to help people succeed in any area of their life.

In the Team’s top 50 CD pack, there is a talk by Chris Brady that I have heard dozens of times. The title is called Life in the Zone. It is definitely a favorite of mine. I want to just discuss a few points that Chris Brady so passionately expresses in that talk. 

We are currently in a time where being “in the zone” couldn’t be more crucial. Coming out of this Labor Day weekend has made me realize how many distractions there are in life. When you are in the zone, the hardest thing to do is relate with others that are not.

For a long time I did whatever I could just to be busy. I would fill my days with long hours at work or school, entertainment at night by playing on sports leagues and weekends filled with hanging out with friends or working some more. I felt like I was being productive because I wasn’t sitting around watching the tube all day. In essence my life was only busy being broke and time starved. When I started in the Team, I did the same thing. I didn’t change much about my lifestyle, I only added more to it by learning about this new profession. I tried pretty hard but it was very inconsistent. I knew what I was supposed to do and I just wasn’t doing it. I allowed all the other distractions in my life take over and that pushed me further and further from the finish line. I am not saying I started giving up everything I used to do; but what I did do is realize that I was not happy with the results I was currently getting in life, so I just started to make small changes in my habits that were holding me back.

It’s been about two years since I have truly devoted myself to the system and made the decision to put all distractions aside and get laser focused. It’s not an easy thing to do when all your life you are used to just living in the moment and taking it day by day. The first thing I knew I needed to do was eliminate or reduce the amount of negative talk I allowed into my brain – much of which came from who I associated with. This was the only way I knew I could work on my own negative self talk. Associating with positive, like minded, real people who cared about me was about the only option I had.

Then I really started trying hard. This Team was everything to me when I actually put it to work. Once I realized this was it, I was the hungriest student I could be. I wanted to help my family financially, I wanted to quit my job, I wanted to build that log cabin on the lake. But the trying hard was not enough. Most people just exist in the pressure of the process, which was me! Every little thing bothered me and I complained so much about why I just couldn’t make it work. It was as if I was complaining myself out of my dreams. Asking myself, “Is it worth it?” “Can I really do this?” So many people will do just enough not to make it. Trying hard but not finishing.

Then it happened. The passion began to leak out. I can’t tell you when, where, how or why but it happened.  

I used to run cross country and my coach would always tell us, “never look at your steps, don’t stare at the ground… your eyes should always be faced towards the finish line.” The analogy seems perfect for this article. As a runner, the worst thing we can do is think about the process. There is way too much pain associated with the process of running; especially long distances. I would have never been able to finish a half marathon in college if I had been thinking about the process.

The same goes for L.I.F.E! If you picture the finish line, you will finish. If you focus on the negative associated with the process, you may quit before you get there. Chris Brady says, “You only get what you picture. If you don’t picture what you have in your heart, you will never get it.” Past performance does not determine your tomorrow. When I finally pictured the finish line, there was no going back. The complaining stopped, the questioning of my belief stopped… all I could say was, “Get thee behind me Satan, you aren’t going to stop me.”

Chris Brady talks about it as breaking the blue bag. You are now in the hot pursuit of a clear motivator – your dream. There is no going back. When that passion kicks in, it overcomes all logic. No longer are you just building your team, you are chasing your dream. It won’t even feel fanatical. It won’t even feel like you are paying a price. I write late at night because I can’t even sleep; I just want tomorrow to come faster. That is Life in the Zone as Brady describes it.

What if every single person right now got into the zone; What if for the next year we hold hands with a common bond to go into battle together and get into the zone together. It will only happen if you picture your victory; if you picture the finish line. And you will feel the switch. “You will be in a category of human existence that most people never even touch. It’s the thing you see when you see a gold medalist standing on the podium, the very rare unique slice of the people out there” Chris Brady. This country needs leaders to get in the zone. If we don’t, who will? There has never been a better time with L.I.F.E launching to lock arms with Orrin Woodward and the founders and pursue excellence by finishing what we started. Think about how few people ever get into a zone; but you can! Life in the zone is the only way to live. Will you join us?

Blessings, Kristen