The TEAM prides itself on building large communities of people who develop themselves through lifelong learning. Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady, co-founders of L.I.F.E and TEAM call it the hedgehog concept (from Good to Great by Jim Collins). They build communities better than any other organization on the planet.

In a world where nothing is secure, it is important to evaluate opportunities that are working and successful and find out what makes those organizations, companies or professions function so beautifully.

I have seen how many businesses and managers try their best to use different strategies and tactics to create loyalty within their company. Many believe if the money was better, if they created better programs, fun slogans, cleaner work environment, ongoing training or trendy techniques that people would stick around longer. Sometimes this works but it doesn’t always last. Then you have some (which are the saddest of stories I hear) that try intimidation, dominance, litigation and entrapment to keep their people in community. It’s not fun and people don’t want to be with a company that acts in this manner; more times than not, it backfires.

We are not talking about using control in order to manipulate a person to believing they are part of a secure community or organization. “Building communities is all about surfing through the various waves of human interaction in a positive, lifting manner, learning the skills of knitting together relationships” Chris Brady. It is also about heart and caring in the name of love. I have to say that in the few years I have been building communities, I have found it to be one of the most interesting, rewarding, mysterious, spectacular, frustrating, fun, emotional, heart-warming and pleasurable experiences. The reason I culminate all these adjectives together is because people are people and there are no two alike. Through life’s journey, it is people that bring meaning and richness to life, and it is people that also bring trial and tribulation.

Author Marshall Goldsmith did an extensive study that got to the bottom line of human interaction and what actually keeps people in community. He said it boils down to three things: Meaning and happiness – NOW, “I like the people here,” “I can follow my dreams here.” He says if any of these are violated, a person will check out of the community; first emotionally, and then physically. What I have learned through the Team training system is that if you want to measure the success of your community, you first need to recognize how many are leaving – emotionally first and then physically. If there is a lot of turnover in the organization, it means they weren’t being fulfilled in the three areas above.

What the TEAM does so different than anyone else out there is we focus on who people are as human beings; as people who have been beat up by the world and just need love and attention. We make a friend first before anything else. This will create meaning and trust in that person’s life. The people in the team community are real, genuine, caring, loving people who truly want to make a difference. We encourage and inspire people to dream as big as they possibly can and help each person in the team community fulfill those dreams.

When you can find a community that is growing by the hundreds on a daily basis (and soon to be thousands), it means the people in that community are being fulfilled. No where in Goldsmith’s study did he find major monatary compensation as the main ingredient for keeping people loyal in a community; that’s just an added bonus. The TEAM is not only adding hundreds of people daily to the community, they are keeping them around and developing leaders who will each eventually add hundreds of people daily. With LIFE, those loyal community members will now be compensated generously as an added bonus bigger than they could ever imagine just based on how well they add value to people’s lives in the 8 F’s. TEAM is going to be the only community organization on the planet that has millions of loyal members learning and growing and changing our country. Orrin Woodward’s genius in studying people through history and leadership is why this community is going to be the only secure place to be now and in the future.

Blessings, Kristen