Of all the 8 F’s the Living Intentionally For Excellence business educates on, finances has to be the most asked about and talked about. Knowing this, Orrin Woodward and the policy council of the TEAM have made it a mission to help our society learn the proper principles of finances in addition to helping people create long term secure wealth in the Information Age.

When it came to finances in my life, I needed help! I did not grow up in money nor did I get any advice or education on money. Without going into too many personal dilemmas, the best thing I can say is if I hadn’t learned from the Maxamize Your Finances pack in the Team training system and gotten personal mentorship when I first got started with Team, I was done for. I watched my parent’s struggle with money from the time I was a toddler. One of my fears as I got older was that I would be a slave to money. Sadly, it breaks my heart to see that most people are slaves to money today. Hard working individuals are constantly working for the next dollar to pay for the next bill in order to survive. I used to know people that actually liked their jobs; now most jobs don’t pay enough anymore for people to even enjoy them.

When I was in high school I remember giving back quite a bit. At that time I worked full-time but didn’t have as many expenses. Any random chance I had to surprise a friend or family member, I did it. I used a lot of the money I made to help other people. I am not saying this to toot my own horn; I say it because at that time, I worked to make money to help other people… it was my passion, it made me feel good. Then when I got to college and started taking on a lot more responsibility with tuition expenses, rent, food, gas, insurance ect the money thinned out. My job paid just enough to keep me there but only enough for me to just make ends meet. I attempted to still pursue my passion of random acts but it was more and more difficult. Eventually, it stopped all together because I was getting myself into debt doing it. Then I took on even more responsibility helping my family with money and put myself in a situation where I was working way more than my body could handle but still struggling to pay my own bills.

What I have learned from associating with the Team community is that money is just a tool. In my earlier days, money was a tool for me to do good for others. As I got older money was only a tool for paying the bills. Eventually, I ran out of money and financed eveything with fake money (aka credit cards, loans) and instead became a slave to money – the very thing I feared became real. Sadly, people spend 100,000 hours + of their lives being a slave to money, and still have nothing in the end.

Many people think that when a person has money, it makes them greedy or materialistic. In actuality, what I have learned is that when a person doesn’t have money, it’s indirectly more materialistic. If all our priorities revolve around the dollar, if ours thoughts when we wake up in the morning, when we are driving down the street to work, when we are with our families at night, are about money… wouldn’t that signify as materialistic? When money is off our thoughts because it isn’t a stressor anymore, that makes us less materialistic. It means we can truly start to focus on our priorities and get money out of the way.

In Psalm 37:21 it says, “The wicked borrows and does not pay back, but the righteous is gracious and gives.” In today’s world, it is difficult to give what you don’t have. We all have a heart to give, but when society is teaching us to borrow, borrow, borrow, then giving is completely neglected. What I have learned is that wisdom of finances is much more valuable than the fiscal money earned. L.I.F.E is going to teach a person every aspect of finances they would possibly need to know; topics such as the history of economics, delayed gratification, getting out of debt, when and where to properly invest, developing sustainable true wealth. L.I.F.E is about the only solution we have to get this country out of the mess it is in. It starts first with taking personal responsibility for our own financial wisdom. Orrin Woodward started a ripple effect that will allow millions of people to give graciously with the blessings created in L.I.F.E. Financial wisdom is lacking in this country, praise God we finally have an answer for people!

God Bless, Kristen