In the LIFE/TEAM we are taught early on by Orrin Woodward to develop and grow in our character and integrity. As Orrin would say, “leadership without character leads to failure.” Personal Accountability is a sub-category to character. When leading people and organizations we first recognize that in our teams we are held accountable (or responsible) as the leader for somebody else. In translation, if we aren’t actively showing our team success, they may start to believe we are not being a good leader. But this article is not about someone holding us accountable it’s about us holding ourselves accountable.

In Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady’s book, Launching a Leadership Revolution, they talk about leadership being, “the buck stops here” profession. “There are no excuses or places to hide…only with such a system of accountability can true leadership development be optimized.” “When we take 100% responsibility for holding ourselves accountable, our performance will improve, our relationships will flourish, people’s respect for us will skyrocket, our self esteem will grow and we will be a great example for others to follow” Todd Smith. The Team training system has made it possible for any person that is willing to develop themselves and accept personal responsibility for their own growth and success to be masters in leadership. Because none of us are born leaders, everything must be learned and applied over the course of time in order to see results in leadership. Orrin never places blame on others, he looks in the mirror and recognizes that he is responsible. This is what makes Orrin such a great example and those that understand this shall follow in his footsteps to success. Because Orrin leads thousands of people, the best way for him to teach personal accountability is through a system of information that is duplicatable within his community/organization. This will allow new developing leaders to work their way up through the five levels of influence (taught in Launching a Leadership Revolution).

In Orrin and Chris’s LLR book they say, “A leader holds himself accountable for the results obtained in the lives of the people he leads and develops.” You can determine a leader’s personal accountability by looking at the lives changed within their group. Orrin Woodward‘s leadership style and example has truly made it possible for any person to develop personal accountability in order to become the leader they have been called to be.

Blessings, Kristen