I have realized in the last several years of learning from Orrin Woodward and the TEAM system that in order to have effective leadership, priorities need to be put in place. Author Stephen Covey calls this putting ‘first things first.’

Before learning from the Team, all I ever knew how to do was work hard; whether that was in school, work or sports. I literally would plan my day around my obligations of what needed to be done ‘now’. Sadly, everything in my life to that point was on the low end of the priority list yet it’s what consumed all of my time. An example of this was about 3.5 years ago my grandpa was diagnosed with Lung Cancer and we knew he didn’t have much time. I live about an hour away from my hometown so seeing my grandpa everyday with the schedule I had was next to impossible. I was in college at the time so I literally would go to class all day, basketball practice for two hours in the late afternoon and go to work 3rd shift after that. The only days I could see him were on the 2 -3 nights a week that I didn’t work. At the time I had no idea how backwards my thinking was. WHY? Because I didn’t apply the leadership principles that the TEAM system provided at that time of my life; my low end obligations were at the top of my priorities list. If I had understood this principle of putting ‘first things first’ just a few years back, I may have been able to spend more time with my grandpa before he passed.

 But how many people can relate to this example? We go about our day believing our priorities are in order. But then when we lay our head down to sleep at night we reflect on how little our time was spent on the things that mattered. We tell ourselves that ‘tomorrow will be different.’ And it is not. Obligations that were based on finances and time were what used to control my day.

In the last chunk of about 3 years I have made sure to categorize my priorities based on the 8 F’s that the TEAM/LIFE organization teaches. My #1 priority each and every day is to spend my time in the faith category. I start my day in prayer and scripture and all day long my heart and mind is with Christ. My decisions are now made based on serving, not being served. While I know I am fallen and each day brings a different set of circumstances, this is priority over all else. From there it is family, friends, finances, fitness, fun, freedom, following. Indeed, some of these can be interchangeable but the goal is to make sure the real priorities are always at the top of the list each day. Before Team, this was not possible.

Orrin Woodward’s LIFE leadership system has provided an answer for those people who struggle with prioritizing their time. Thinking about doing something and actually doing it are two different things. Developing a following requires effective leadership and effective leadership means we need to put ‘first things first.’ Allow the TEAM system to work for you and soon you will be living a life of your priorities and not your obligations.

Blessings, Kristen