Learning from Orrin Woodward and the leadership of the Team has truly stretched me beyond capacity at times. If you have ever tried to ‘squeeze’ yourself into some form of clothing that you know just doesn’t fit, but you are determined to fit in it, that’s what it feels like when you are being stretched in leadership; bulges are evident, buttons may pop off, insecurity is at an all time high and it just isn’t comfortable.

In the book Launching a Leadership Revolution, Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady discuss how personal growth and influence with others are the most crucial categories to understand on the leadership journey. Initially when people begin to embark on the path of leadership development in the Team, monetary or external results are at the forefront of people’s thinking in determining success. However, personal growth is an internal victory; so for someone to say in the beginning stages that they have not seen any results is actually wrong thinking. The trilateral leadership ledger in Orrin and Chris’s book helps a new and even advanced leader understand where they are at in character, tasks and relationships to determine effectiveness. As one continues on the path to success in this profession, it is inevitable to go back at numerous times to self-assess progress.

By understanding that personal growth in the trilateral leadership ledger is a must, Orrin and Chris then go on to discuss the five levels of influence. This is like the meat and potatoes of leadership. Orrin Woodward states, “The five levels of influence are a convenient way to map the journey of a leader from beginning to crowning achievement.” I am often reminded by my mentor George Guzzardo to go back and study a certain level in the LLR book. I believe it’s his way of saying, “this is something you need to work on and stretch yourself to.” Learning, performing, leading, developing leaders and developing leaders who develop leaders are the five levels of influence. I encourage you, if you have not picked up this book yet, it is a MUST if you plan to walk the leadership path.

When one strives for excellence in the LIFE/TEAM by transitioning through the five levels of influence and the trilateral leadership ledger, it is inevitable that results will begin to take place. It may be internal victories at first but eventually the external and monetary results will follow. As I have heard Orrin say, “Successful leaders are learners.” We need to remind ourselves that learning is a lifelong profession and as we grow, so do our results.

Orrin Woodward has mastered the five levels of influence. Not only has he continually grown in his trilateral leadership ledger to be the #7 leadership guru in the world, he has also helped his partner and friend, Chris Brady #12, join him on that list to make them the only two people in the world that have two partners from the same company represented in that elite group of leaders; and there will be many more to come from the Team. One thing I realized about leadership is eventually the clothes will fit. It may not feel quite right the moment that the stretch is taking place but if you force yourself into it so many times, the clothes begin to mold and fit ‘you’ comfortably. While none of us will ever reach perfection in leadership, by following the principles taught in Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady’s book Launching a Leadership Revolution, we can surely strive for excellence; this will directly determine our results and success as we grow.

Blessings, Kristen