Before someone can lead, they must first get good at ‘following.’ Prior to Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady‘s leadership and community building ventures, they had to study the art of this profession by following other incredible leaders; many of them historical examples. One of the 8 F’s that the LIFE business will educate about is ‘following.’ If we can ask ourselves the who, what and why of following, we can begin to recognize the importance and reason we believe following is so important in today’s education. In this post, I will only be discussing the “Who.”

One obvious thing I see in our culture today is that most people are not afraid to follow. In fact, the ‘WHO’ sometimes scares me to think about. So many people are quick to turn to the media when looking at who they want to follow; political leaders, professional athletes, celebrities, corporate big shots (just to name a few). While it can be argued that some past and present political leaders, athletes and celebrities have the character to develop a following, I can think of 80% that shouldn’t fall into this category and are unfortuneately leading 95% of our country.

Before Team, I can say that I fell into the 95% as well! Those I chose to follow were the ones that I looked up to. My decision wasn’t based on character, integrity, information, education or credibility. At the time it was teachers that I thought were good role models, it was athletes that I wanted to resemble and it was families that I wanted to model someday. As I reflect on all the people I once respected and looked up to, I can’t help but cringe at what could have happened had Team not entered my life. Honestly, those people are now bankrupt, divorced, alone and living a lie. The thing that scares me the most is our future generation has the same information I had and are following the same path that I did. Until now…

Because we are in a time of uncertainty and fear, I feel more confident than ever about who I am following. I feel like right now, when people need me the most is when I can introduce them to a couple of gentlemen who have followed (and continue to follow) past hero’s in order to develop an incredible following of their own. ‘Who’ I choose to follow is Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady. These two men have gone from zero to hero. They grew up just like the average American family but chose to be different at a young age. They worked hard, got all their degrees, climbed the corporate ladders and realized early that they didn’t want to follow the herd. Instead, they started to study hero’s from the past. They learned from people like the George Washington’s, Benjamin Franklin’s, Thomas Jefferson’s, Ray Kroc’s, Sam Walton’s, ect and started to grow in their own leadership. Without going into all the details of their career, Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady have developed communities of 10’s of thousands of people and going to millions. They have been ranked on the top 25 leadership guru list as being #7 and #12 respectively and moving up the charts bringing more with them quickly (George Guzzardo, Dan Hawkins, Tim Marks, Bill Lewis, Claude Hamilton). 

From this, I pray that you do the research on the men and women you are following. I have been following these guys for nearly seven years. I have spent time with them, learned from them and their system, and tried diligently to poke holes in their material. There are no two better men to follow in the times we are in. With that, I believe Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady have taken their game to a whole new level by developing the LIFE leadership business. They want to restore millions of people’s lives in a crashing economy and know it can only be done with the 8 F’s model that has been created. This makes Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady two modern day hero’s that will be written about in history books someday that I will choose to follow to the end.

Blessings, Kristen