Is Orrin Woodward and the leadership team really creating history?

Think about the most recent historical moments for the United States in the 21st century. It started with the tragedy of 9/11 which led to the war in Iraq and sending our American troops overseas to fight for our country; there were the elections, Hurricane Katrina and many other natural disasters along with the incredible technology boom. I suppose if I look at positive ‘local’ history we could lump the Green Bay Packers in there for winning the Super Bowl and the Milwaukee Brewers for making the playoffs. But as I think about my lifetime here on earth and all the movements that happened in the past, I can’t help but see another movement unfolding.

We are all affected by history in some way whether we recognize it or not. And there is a new business being launched in 17 days on November 1, 2011. Yes, I realize that there are new businesses being started almost hours apart from each other around the globe. But this isn’t just some ordinary business idea that a couple of guys thought up in a matter of months in order to generate another income stream for themselves. This is a business that has been in transit for almost two decades. What Orrin Woodward and the policy council of the TEAM have created is a business where for the first time ever, people will get paid to improve their lives, imagine that. And what’s even more incredible is the fact that as you improve your own life, you actually have the blessing to improve and change other people’s lives. Therefore, the more lives that are changed, the more blessings that are returned to you. If it’s money you are after, LIFE has plenty of that. If it’s self improvement you seek, you won’t find any better system of information on the planet to improve yourself. And if it’s purpose and significance you want, look no further – you have found it.

In a traditional business, the idea is to produce a profit so the owners get wealthy and the masses get employment. Imagine a business where there were NO OWNERS; and since there are no owners it means that the wealth is available to the masses. It means that the effort you exert in a traditional job compared to your results can be multiplied 10, 15 and 20x what you are used to because the owners don’t get the profit, you do! And as the community continues to grow so then does your income. LIFE was not created to put more money into the pockets of the wealthy. It was to offer an opportunity to put more wealth into the pockets of the masses. Orrin Woodward once said, “I would rather create thousands of millionaires in LIFE and 10’s of thousands of 6 figure income earners than just one billionaire.” And it’s not the money that we see as important, it’s the choices that the money provides. The choice to be a stay at home parent, give to your favorite charities, pay off debt, surprise your mom with a safe new car or send your family on a luxury dream vacation. All of the choices that represent FREEDOM in people’s lives.

It is obvious that LIFE was created for a purpose bigger than you and I. Orrin Woodward has a goal to take the LIFE/TEAM to 1,000,000 people and beyond. People have not only lost personal freedom’s but our countries freedom is at stake now more than ever. It will require the men and women of courage who say, “enough is enough, I am sick of sitting on the sidelines watching my country go down on my watch, I am going to do something about it.” And they do, they get started in LIFE. Just as we remember any history from our past, we will indeed remember this historical moment as well.

In 6 days, Columbus, Ohio won’t know what hit them. The Major Leadership Convention is set to start on Friday, Oct. 21st at 7pm in the Nationwide Arena where all the official details of the LIFE business will be revealed. From that moment forward, the people’s lives in that facility will never be the same. The wave of leaders that will be there for the launch will be able to say that they experienced a moment that will never be re-created. They will be able to say to their children and grand-children that they were there. “Sooner or later, we are all called upon to lead” Orrin Woodward. Will you be one of the members that starts this leadership movement and takes LIFE mainstream??

See you in Columbus!!!

Blessings, Kristen