In Launching a Leadership Revolution written by Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady, they talk about how the road to success is what leads you to your dreams. When someone gets started in LIFE the first and most important thing to do is help them identify their dream. It has been proven countless times that without a dream, a person will never do anything different in life. Once identified, it then takes hunger and discipline in order to stay on track, achieve the dream and ultimately gain success. But often times along the journey frustration and discouragement creep in – this can happen under many conditions; a person’s hunger and belief will soon dissipate, the dream will seem unclear and that will lead to inactivity and poor results. It’s a vicious cycle that every leader cycles through in pursuit of their dreams. In the LLR book they call this, ‘hitting the wall.’ A person can hit the wall for days, weeks, months and even years on end. The goal of the leader is to cycle through this as quickly as possible in order to get back on the road to success.

Life is full of distractions and the ditch of discouragement doesn’t fall too far from the shoulder of frustration. When we swerve off the road to success onto the gravel of frustration and into the ditch it is important not to lose site of the vision and the dream. Without that vision and dream, this is where I see most people give up. I realize that’s the most difficult part. From what I have experienced, the more frustrated I got, the more distracted I got. I would lose focus on the ‘little things’ that I knew would keep me on the road to achieving my dreams. Knowing this, here are a few ideas that I have learned from being associated with Orrin Woodward and the TEAM to get the car back on the road to success as quickly as possible:

            • Dream build OFTEN

                     – Can you see it so clearly that it already exists in your mind?

            • Write down your next 30 day goal

            • Work with a mentor to develop a game plan to hit your goal

            • Commit to reading each day

                      – Start at 15 minutes a day & work up to 1 hr or more a day

            • Commit to listening to audio recordings

                      – TEAM recommends 3-4 recordings per day minimum

            • Plan, Do, Check, Adjust with a mentor to identify ‘trip points’       

            • Attend all events that you qualify for, the community is the magic!!

            • Focus on SERVING others instead of being served

                     – Help others hit their goals and you will then achieve your own

There are many strategies one can look at in order to get out of the ditch of discouragement. I can say that I have fallen in this ditch several times (and still do) and these are the strategies that helped me to get my car back on the road to achieving my dreams. George Guzzardo, LIFE founder, recently made this comment, “I wonder what people would do if they weren’t chasing a dream. How sad is it that most people in our world today are just preparing to die.” This is such a true statement which is backed up by the fact that LIFE is preparing to change this and awaken the dreamers again. will allow more people the opportunity to get on the road to success and never give up on their dreams. Orrin Woodward’s incredible leadership set the example for us. He has driven his car out of the ditch of discouragement countless times and has achieved many dreams. He now teaches his TEAM the simple strategies to stay hungry and focused so they can win too. One piece of advice, if you drive your car into the ditch, it’s never good to leave it there!!


Blessings, Kristen