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With the excitement and much anticipated launch of Orrin Woodward’s www.the-life-business.com in just under 7 days, I thought it would be useful to answer the common question I am hearing so often… ‘What is the LIFE business?’

Back in the 90’s a visionary man by the name of Orrin Woodward had an idea to develop communities of people. He learned by a very wealthy man (Michael Dell worth 21.5 Billion $$’s) that the one who can develop communities will rule the future of business in the Information Age. At the time he didn’t know how this was going to happen but he knew he needed to create a systematic and duplicatable way to develop loyalty within an organization. Orrin studied incredible leadership minds, authors, business models and the like and realized that his life was changing as a result of this new information. His hunger attracted other incredible leaders to join him in the battle (Chris Brady, George Guzzardo and Tim Marks). During this time period TEAM was born. Orrin realized the hurt of our nation back when TEAM started and stated a goal to develop 1,000,000 leaders in the community. He knew that if there were 1,000,000 people part of the organization, leadership would be a mainstream profession that would help maintain freedom in our country. TEAM is a leadership development organization that educates people on entrepreneurship as well as many other facets of life. It is not a business opportunity; it is a support and learning organization for businesses. The TEAM had incredible growth because the information impacted people’s lives in a positive direction and in turn created loyalty. There were several years where TEAM learned through different business models the difference between a profit-centered business and a purpose-centered business. It was in those trenches that they discovered where their destiny lives.

On 11.1.11 Orrin Woodward’s dream will reveal itself. For years, Orrin has developed world class information through the team leaders and has recommended thousands of books through the TEAM training system for people like me. Many of those years I learned from the CD’s and books and received mentorship in all areas of my life and eventually fell in love with the process and changed my life. However, during that time I never made money because TEAM is not a business opportunity! Here’s the exciting news, LIFE is a BUSINESS opportunity!! Orrin Woodward and his partners have figured it out. They took everything the community fell in love with in TEAM and created a business out of it called LIFE. The founders have combined over 100 years of experience in building communities and this business has been in ‘the works’ for over a decade. In www.the-life-business.com people will be educated on how to live a better life through the 8 F’s (faith, family, friends, finances, fun, freedom, following, fitness). And not only will lives get better but people’s checking accounts will get bigger. The founders of LIFE have created a business out of learning!!! It’s like going to college except for a slight twist in that you are the student but you are also the owner. The LIFE subscriptions are your university and if you have people learning from your university then you get paid. You don’t have to teach them, you just have to provide the classroom (or community) for them to learn. 

www.the-life-business is a revolutionary concept that is going mainstream. I believe the reason so many people are asking, “What is the LIFE business?” is because so many people are looking right now. And not only are people looking for money, they are looking for friendship, encouragement, guidance, significance, courage and hundreds of other ways to live a better life. Orrin Woodward’s genius and vision to provide freedom for the next generation is now unfolding before our eyes. If you have ever asked yourself, ‘when will I get my chance?’ then don’t just ask the question, ‘what is www.the-life-business.com,’ come join us as we go to 1,000,000 people. Your destiny awaits you.

“For anyone who cares about freedom and wants to pass the blessings of liberty on to our children and grandchildren, we need to get one thing very clear. A revolution of entrepreneurs is needed. We need more of them. And those that are already entrepreneurs need to become even better leaders. Without such a revolution, freedom will be lost.” Oliver DeMilleFreedom Shift

Blessings, Kristen

If you would like a peak at the massive community that already exists, check out my page titled ‘videos’ – there you will witness the 10’s of thousands of people who attended www.the-life-business.com information launch. (Video courtesy of LIFE founder – Dan Hawkins