In the last few days, I have had numerous encounters with people who are not coincidentally coming into my life. What Orrin Woodward did with the LIFE business is he made it attractive for everyone. So when we are led to someone we now have confidence in knowing that we can offer a life changing opportunity to them. And interestingly enough, almost all people are very curious and want to know more! It has not been this fun and exciting in years past. In fact, it was downright difficult to help people see their true potential to live a life of excellence and make a change. I have been on this mission to study why people are so excited and ready to change their life using the LIFE business. Here were some of my responses when I asked the question, “Why LIFE?”

  • “I am sick and tired of working paycheck to paycheck. I work so hard and never see any return for my efforts. I am stressed out all the time because of money and I just need to figure something else out to get out of this mess.” D.H
  • “I hate my job and I am not apprciated. It’s like walking on eggshells every time I go into work. I need out fast!” M.A
  • “I looked through my contacts on my phone and realized that I don’t communicate with any of them anymore. It’s sad to say but I really have no true friends and need some support in my life.” L.W
  • “My dad is never going to retire and I want to help him by making enough money so he can retire soon.” R.G
  • “My marriage is very shaky. I fear the day the papers are sitting on the kitchen table ready for me to sign. I love my wife but I don’t know how to make her happy anymore.” D.T
  • “My child is now a senior in high school. I never put any money away for college for her and I don’t know how I am going to put her through school. She wants to go but knows it’s almost impossible with my financial situation.” N.C
  • “I can’t have children and want to be able to afford adoption so I can raise a child. It’s always been my dream to be a mom.” M.T
  • “I have a 4 year college degree and I am unemployed. I have student loans coming in, still living in my parents house and never expected to be trapped because of money this early in life.” R.R
  • “My brother lives in Washinton and I haven’t seen him in 8 years. I can’t afford to fly out to visit him and he can’t afford to get off work for a week. I just want to be able to have a relationship with him again like when we were kids.” H.A
  • “My mom is getting older and her health isn’t good. I need time to spend with her so I don’t have regrets when she is gone. She is my favorite person in the world.” P.R
  • “I have no purpose in life. I have been working almost 31 years in the same job and got stuck in a rut and never got out. I have the same routine every single day and I am basically living to die. I want to feel fulfilled and happy when I wake up in the morning.” L.H

These are all real people just like you. I have looked into the eyes of all these men and women who are crying out for a change in their life; and there are many more to add to this list. The most difficult part of what we do but the most fulfilling part of what we do is care so much about a person that it makes our heart ache. Loving people is not easy but it sure does make a fulfilling profession. What I love most about interacting with people and introducing the-life-business to them is hearing the stories and knowing that we have something that can help them positively change their current situation in all 8 areas of life. So my question to you is this, “Why LIFE?” Please share your story:

Blessings, Kristen