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I am so thankful that LIFE leadership with Orrin Woodward exists! I don’t know what I would do without this organization. Every four months or so the leading ladies in the TEAM/LIFE business will gather together and share information to help thousands of women grow in every area of life. Some of the topics shared tonight involved ‘using your strengths to find your role, being an excellent wife, never settle or think you have arrived, your prescription for a better LIFE is found in personal development, what is your faith rooted in, the meaning of true friendship and identifying areas of struggle to get better.’ (At least this is what I took from the talks)

Immediately following the leadership tonight a group of us stuck around and shared an area that we all want to get better in. I was so moved by so many of the struggles that the ladies in my team face that it helped me to open up about some of my own struggles (and that has ALWAYS been an issue for me). It helped me to realize that all of us are dealing with similar issues but just in different ways and at different times and if it wasn’t for meetings like tonight to remind us that we are not alone, we might always feel alone in those struggles. But instead of it turning into a pity party, we called it a personal growth party (much different). We each wrote down each others areas for growth and we made a promise to hold each other accountable for our personal development. For example, one of the topics was gossiping. We each said that anytime we hear gossip within the team or anywhere else, we will intentionally change the subject or address the issue. There is no time for gossip if we are going to 1 million people.

If we are going to change lives, starting with our own, we need to intentionally identify areas of growth so we can change them. I have already made a laundry list of things that I want to get better in. Some very difficult and personal, some small and simple but all things that I know I need to change if I want to be the leader God has called me to be. And it is not enough for us to just know our areas of growth; LIFE has an incredible mentorship program where people who have been on the journey a little longer can offer feedback and advice to assist in our personal development. We need to read, listen and mentor intentionally in order to get better!

I am going to end how I began. I am so thankful for the LIFE business. Imagine if everyone just started to identify areas for personal growth and actually began to apply new information into their lives in order to become better people. That is exactly what LIFE offers! God did not create us to ever become complacent. He designed us for a purpose. If we are not striving to get better, by identifying our weak spots and constantly chasing after perfection in order to attain excellence, then why are we even here? Thank you Laurie Woodward, Terri Brady, Jackie Lewis, Lisa Hawkins, Danae Mattis, Amy Marks, Jill Guzzardo and Lana Hamilton for being such incredible examples of leading ladies for those of us who are striving to become better women. The role of a leading lady in the team is not one I take lightly, I pray God gives me the grace as I grow to become better and help inspire as many men and women as you have on our way to 1,000,000 and beyond!

Blessings, Kristen