Is it possible to play all the time and still live a life of excellence? According to Orrin Woodward, it is! From the time I went into college I wanted to find a profession where I could do what I was passionate about and have fun. I have always been a very sporty girl so anything in the field of athletics interested me; that is one of the reasons I went into physical education. But what I realized was that my work wasn’t giving me the sense of significance I was looking for.

It wasn’t until I met the Team leadership company and Orrin Woodward that my purpose started to reveal itself. I have always been a very competitive person so when I learned the principles to success in this profession I got excited because I knew I could work hard as long as there was a program to learn from. There entered the training system. From the time I first got started, I remember Orrin saying, “if you make work a game, you will never have to work another day in your life.” Hallelujah I thought, because I love to play!

Please read an article Orrin wrote on his blog earlier in the year about the key strategy for success:

If 10,000 hours is needed to master any field, and, if mastery is needed to perform at the highest levels, then, creating a game out of the deliberate practice is a key strategy for success. One must work hard, accepting no excuses, focusing on the long-term dreams, enduring the pain in the personal growth process, but the rewards are well worth the effort.  Rewards, that go way beyond the financial, and into the satisfaction obtained when one knows that he truly did his personal best in a worthy cause, allowing one to look in the mirror and see a winner staring back at him… (read more by clicking)

Orrin Woodward was right! I will never have to work another day in my life because in the LIFE business, I am just playing the game!

Blessings, Kristen