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One thing I love so much about the LIFE business is that Orrin Woodward has a passion and a purpose that goes beyond the present and that which will affect our future generations. It is because of Orrin’s leadership that thousands of other followers are also driven by his cause.

In September, because of the mentorship and blessings of LIFE, I walked away from my job to pursue my purpose and focus on my priorities. Because of this, I have been able to choose how I spend my day. Because I am not married and don’t have any children (yet), my life isn’t quite as busy as that of a parent. Ironically, a cousin of mine had a baby and his wife’s maternity leave was coming to an end. So they asked if I would be able to babysit their little girl a couple days a week while they are working. Without hesitation, I accepted. I was humbled to be asked and trusted to take care of their 8 week old little girl.

So the last couple days have been nothing short of enlightening. For anyone who is a parent out there, you can attest to this. I didn’t realize how much attention babies need. I just thought they were a piece of cake (especially that young) because they can’t do a whole lot. Well, I was wrong. So in that time that I was able to hold her, read to her, cuddle with her, feed her, play with her, change her, make her smile I couldn’t help but go beyond her adorable exterior and look into her eyes at the innocence of her soul. The experience really helped me to re-examine my purpose and feed my dream. But not only did it allow me to feed my own dream, it allowed me to think about all the other mom’s and dad’s out there who are working while their baby is in daycare spending the bulk of their day with parents who are not their own.

On that note, all I could focus on was this little baby’s future. Only 8 weeks into the world and about to embark on a journey that is completely unknown and that she has no control over. She has wonderful, hardworking parents who love her so much. But parent’s who (outside of their control) are not able to spend the majority of their day, her most precious waking hours, with their newborn child because they are having to work for Uncle Sam. This is the common response to this phenomenon: ‘it is what it is.’ Really? Do you truly believe that? Maybe in the 95% world that is a believable statement but not in LIFE!

In the LIFE business there are thousands of hard working, passionate mom’s, dad’s, college students, single men and women, husband’s, wives’, grandparent’s, aunt’s, uncle’s, cousin’s, etc who are out there fighting for the freedoms of our future generation by using proper information and truth that will truly enable a family to be free. They are able to look into the eyes of a child and be courageously driven to take action instead of wimp out and hope that someone else takes the stand. The LIFE community is comprised of men and women who are sick and tired of following the status quo that, ‘it is what it is.’ They can’t stand the apathy in our country and fear for their children and grandchildren’s future.

As for me, I don’t want to fear bringing children into this world. I don’t want to fear that my kids will be in bondage because no one decided to do something when it was needed. I refuse to sit around and assume responsibility on someone else. That is a coward’s motive. So I ask, will you allow Uncle Sam to take control of your children’s future or will you take control? Orrin Woodward has decided to take control for his children and has paid it forward in the lives of thousand’s of families who are following him because he had the guts to stay strong and stand on his principles and purpose for the sake of our future generation. The LIFE business will enable anyone with courage to do the same. But it will take more than what we have currently to fulfill this mission; it will take millions of families. I encourage you, if you are struggling with a dream, look into the eyes of a newborn baby and tell me it doesn’t drive you to want to do more; and don’t just look at that adorable exterior, look into her innocent little soul and reflect on what 15 years from now will look like. Get out into the living rooms of America and lead families to proper information to change their future and that of their children’s. If you care at all about the next generation, now is the time to act!

Blessings, Kristen