I am so grateful Orrin Woodward and the-life-business was available for me in my early 20’s. It is only by God’s grace that He opened my heart to hear the real truth that was being taught through the audios and books. I try to imagine my life without mentors, without audios, books, positive association and leadership and it literally sends a chill down my spine. If I wasn’t surrounded by the influential people that we have available in LIFE, I would be trapped and frustrated just like the rest of the Y generation.

To expand more on this topic I wanted to share this very recent story. I just finished up a meeting with a 22 year old who just graduated with her undergrad in biology and wants to go on to be a dental hygienist. But in order to do this she needs to do a two year graduate program and there weren’t any schools in the area that were accepting more applicants into the program; she told me she is on a 5 year waiting list and currently working part time for a local department store while living at home. Her generalized biology degree is not enough to get her into a high paying specialized profession. She is barely making enough money currently to cover the costs of her student loans and adding more years of school will only set her up on a track with more debt and no guarantees for a secure job. Have you heard these stories lately? I thought this was a perfect example of the population we are reaching out to in LIFE.

Read this article that talks more about this topic:

But the truth is that we have taught these young people to have a completely unrealistic view of the future. We have told them to take out gigantic student loans without worrying about how they are going to pay them back, we have told them that if they get good grades and do everything “right” that the system will reward them with secure, fulfilling careers, and we have made high school and college so “soft and cushy” that most of these young Americans find that they don’t have the discipline and the work ethic to make it when they actually do get out into society. So needless to say, the first six months after graduation can be a complete shock for many college graduates. (Click to read the full article)

I normally would not post anything negative on my blog but in this case truth is hidden in the negative. While I am aware this can be a very controversial subject, I knew it was important enough to expand upon.

The generation of folks that are being talked about are my generation. I can’t help but want to do more and offer a vehicle to change these young people’s lives. 

There may be high unemployment and student loan hell going on in society, but not in LIFE! If society has fed you lies (about job security with a degree, high pay, happiness, a better life) just like it did me then you can end your anger here. The-life-business is your answer to the problem! Orrin Woodward has created a compensation plan that can not be touched with a traditional job. Imagine not having to pay student loans into your 40’s and 50’s. Imagine not having to worry about finding a safe, secure job (because I hate to break it to you, there are none). Imagine a life with little to no stress about money. This is not meant to be some catchy ‘get rich quick’ slogan! It’s just a 26 year old’s conviction of a better way than what society sucked me in to. You probably read this because you were looking for the answer; you found it with the LIFE business.

Blessings, Kristen