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When Orrin Woodward launched the LIFE business on 11/1/11, he was not exactly bringing a whole new company to market. In fact, he was actually launching an existing 12 year old idea (that had already created success for many) into a niche market (such as community building) and what he needed was to fine tune business legalities in order to perfect his masterpiece to take his idea mainstream. The information age has already been around over a decade; technology has been the booming trend for years. What the founders did was take proper information that improves people’s lives and launched it in the technology boom; thereby offering a competitive way to compensate people who focus on personal development and helping others. What a concept! But does it work?

Anytime you have a new business being launched there is fear, doubt and criticism (see Orrin’s most recent post – LIFE Entrepreneurship & Opportunity). But the-life-business is different. Why? Because the members have been around the community (some for more than a decade), they have learned from the information and many have already developed incredible lifestyles… all before the real masterpiece was revealed – LIFE! So if the information wasn’t legitimate before, if the money wasn’t being made before, if people weren’t excited before and essentially if it wasn’t working before, then why would this massive group of 10’s of thousands choose to stick around and join LIFE?

Here is the truth:

“Our family’s life has been changed greatly because of the CDs and books we receive… LIFE has definitely changed our perspective about struggles, strengthened our family relationships, provided us with hope about our future and helped our financial situation. We have found that being a member of LIFE is the only “hand-up” that we have been given throughout our struggles. We are now in the process of going from a family that has been dependent upon the government and others for all of our needs, to a family that is eliminating debt, changing our lifestyle and supporting worthy causes. ~ L. Mangold

“The biggest blessing is when I met Orrin and Chris I thought I was merely a cosmic accident but… I now have a personal relationship with God Almighty through His son, my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.” ~ H. Spiewak

“Today because of TEAM/LIFE, Mark and I have grown closer as a couple and now work together helping many people. TEAM/LIFE offered us mentors, tools, a system and time to make a difference not only in our family but in many families.” ~ L. Maas

“The challenge was that this district was last in the world and I was given 4 months to prove that it shouldn’t be shut down and the people let go. So I took on this great challenge and I didn’t waste any time I quickly started implementing the LIFE system into the thinking of all the employees and in that fourth month as a team we were #1!” ~ D. Chatmon

“How crazy. I had to humble myself to the fact that I didn’t know what I didn’t know…I also know the information from Launching a Leadership Revolution book alone has changed how I more effectively oversee the workings of our Assisted Living Home, changing our life forever.” ~ P. Graff

“Today my income is more than twice the national average from multiple sources and I doubt any of this would be the case without the information now provided through L.I.F.E. I believe it is the best value, highest return investment in myself I could have ever made!” ~ L. Cheatham

This is just a handful of people who are making the-life-business work. These people’s lives are being impacted and changed because of information. Oh and did I mention? You get paid too! There are literally thousands of stories that have not been told yet and millions that we have yet to reach. Your story needs to be told. Orrin Woodward has made a dent in history with this attractive, highly respected, beautifully crafted masterpiece called LIFE. If you are still not convinced by hearing the stories then I challenge you to give it a try for yourself. I dare you to listen to the audios and read the books and come back to me and tell me it was not of value. I haven’t seen it happen yet. The only way it won’t work is if you never try. Your deserve to live a life of excellence.

For more information on testimonials please vist: the-life-business (testimonials) and Orrin Woodward’s blog.

Blessings, Kristen