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The-LIFE-business, started by Orrin Woodward, offers wonderful last minute gift ideas that will help someone who is looking to make a change in their life in any or all of the 8 F’s. That’s where I will be shopping this year! 

It’s that time of year again! We are already one week from Christmas and most people I talk to are finding that the days seem to be getting shorter; more money is spent the week before Christmas than any other time in the year, more people are hospitalized (because of illness and accidents) and stress is at an all time high this week for most Americans. So slow down and take a moment to remember the real meaning of Christmas.

But when I think about this time of year, it’s not that I have a problem with stress and spending lots of money, it’s that my energy level tends to digress. In the past I have found that winter is when I feel lazier, more tired, run down and very complacent. I understand that biologically our bodies go into hibernation mode when it’s only 10 degrees outside and darkness hits around 4pm – or maybe that just happens mentally in my head. Either way, if you feel as I do, I wanted to discuss some ways on how to fight this winter season complacency so that we can go on to fulfill our mission and play our part here in the cold states.

Since launching the new life business, I have found that my energy level hasn’t quite digressed like it has in years past around this time. As I am out in the community I am finding that more people than ever are looking for personal freedom, love, friendship and positive inputs. There isn’t much out there offering what we have. In fact, there is nothing else out there that offers what we have. So what does that mean for us? We can’t slow down and allow the winter blues to take over our state of mind and our purpose. George Guzzardo, LIFE founder, recently wrote a post titled, LIFE – Barriers and Expectations, and he quoted Henry David Thoreau, “people appear to be living lives of quiet desperation.” It’s not okay for us to set our goals aside until March or assume people are too busy and stressed to look at what the-life-business offers. Leadership requires people to get uncomfortable. If you find that you are getting too comfortable this holiday season, get off the couch, we have found it has invisible seat-belts.

Here are some tips that I have found inspires me into action during the holiday season:

  • Re-identify your WHY
  • Double or even triple the amount of CD’s you listen to – when you are cooking, wrapping presents, last minute shopping and writing Christmas cards.
  • Re-read a book that helped you identify your purpose.
  • Read “Resolved” by Orrin Woodward and study your LIFE’s resolutions.
  • Attend TEAM/LIFE business meetings to get around the 5% association (check out the TEAM events calender)
  • volunteer at church, a shelter, a food pantry, a nursing home (or wherever people need more support and love this time of year). We are LIFE and we live to serve. It inspires me to do more when I see so many with much less.

These are just a few ideas that have worked for me to help beat the winter season complacency. Remember, not everyone celebrates the holidays like you do. In fact, many don’t have families and many don’t celebrate Christmas so we need to reach out to everyone as we have a home and a family for them in TEAM. What Orrin Woodward created with the-life-business is a loving environment where everyone is accepted and given a chance at changing their own life. It’s up to us to get off the couch and offer it to them. Merry Christmas!

God Bless, Kristen