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“How wonderful that no one need wait a single moment to improve the world.” Anne Frank

The most important thing we can do with our lives is make a difference and leave an imprint in the world and it happens to be what inspires me most about Orrin Woodward’s cause and purpose in the-life-business. The direction I could take with this topic can span across numerous posts but instead I will recognize some men and women who are making a difference in their own life and countless others because of their courage to be different.

Bill and Mary Ann Eder have been married for 50 years to be exact. They are a shining example of commitment and love in two people who vowed to be together forever. Bill volunteers as a youth pastor in his church and has been doing it for years. His inspiration is freedom for the next generation. Bill and Mary Ann have been associated with the-team.biz and the-life-business for over a year now and Bill refer’s to himself as the ‘token old guy’ in our group. What I love so much about this couple is that regardless of the years and experience they have in life, they are one of the hungriest couples for new information and education than anyone I have ever met. Bill can listen to 5-6 audio recordings on how to improve his life in one day and finish a book in a matter of a couple days and still manage to study and apply the information into his life. Being retired for almost 10 years now, Bill and Mary Ann don’t associate with the-life-business to make more money, they choose to be a part of it because they want to make a difference and leave a legacy. Just yesterday Bill sent me this e mail and I asked him if I could share it:

           Can we make a difference? We look to history for an answer. People looked for freedom; they went through hardships like leaving their homeland to seek a better life in an unknown new land. Cross the ocean where they had never been. They faced strange lands, hostile environments and people. They sought freedom to worship and to escape aristocratic government. They found opportunity to become free and to prosper as a nation with individual rights.

         Over time these freedoms so valiantly and sacrificially won have slowly been compromised. We can barely recognize what our founding fathers established some two hundred and thirty-five years ago.

         When asked, what type of government do we have Mr. Franklin?” Benjamin Franklin responded, “A Republic if you can keep it.” Today Franklin would be hard pressed to recognize the way we have let it slip away. Slowly but surely it seems freedom is less and less free. We as a people need to restore our freedoms and become once more a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Together freedom loving people must go make a difference as our founding fathers did. (written by Bill Eder)

Once people understand the responsibility we have to fight for freedom by having the courage to go against the grain of apathy and dependence, by learning new skills and information and discovering God’s purpose in our lives, it is then a big difference can be made. But it starts as a personal choice to be different in our own lives.

Noel and Angela Flaningam decided to be different by joining the-life-business a few months ago and take control of their families future and fight for their two-year old son’s freedom. Noel was in the United States Navy and is aspiring to protect our streets as a police officer and Angela is a stay at home mom. They started to apply some of the information from the-life-business and have already made drastic changes to their life. In 30 days they were able to become debt free because they learned information that they had never heard from the ‘Maximize your finances pack’ that the-life-business offers; and just this week they listened to LIFE founder Terri Brady’s CD on developing kids into readers (provided through the LIFE subscriptions) and because of that one audio they decided to get rid of cable, sell their big flat screen TV and entertainment center and focus on reading and spending time with each other as a family. Imagine a child growing up not being dependent on TV for entertainment but on books and spending time with mom and dad. The-life-business is making a difference.

And Jon Vandehei, a man who has struggled his entire life. Married at 19 and divorced a few years later with two young children, never believing in Christ’s salvation got started learning from the ‘all grace outreach’ CD and book series and the ‘No regrets’ pack offered through the-life-business. When asked the question 6 months ago, “do you accept Christ as your savior and believe that Jesus died for your sins?” His previous answer would have been, “I don’t talk about that subject. I am confused and lost in that area.” Today he is writing things like this:

I have something against the lying voices that noise our world. You’ve heard them. They tell you to swap your integrity for a new sale. To barter your convictions for an easy deal. To exchange your devotions for a quick thrill. They whisper. They woo. They taunt. They tantalize. They flirt. They flatter. “Go ahead, its ok.” “Dont worry, no one will know.” The world rams at your door; Jesus taps at your door. The voices scream for your allegiance; Jesus softly and tenderly requests it. The world promises flashy pleasure; Jesus promises a quiet dinner… with God.
Which voice do you hear?

I could go on and on with stories of person after person making a difference in their own lives by being different with the-life-business. Orrin Woodward is one of the biggest difference makers I believe this world will ever see. He will be a founding father of the 21st century freedoms restored because of the lives he has affected and his purpose for the world with Jesus Christ as his foundation. Imagine the joy Orrin must feel on a daily basis knowing that what he created is making such a big difference in the lives of thousands and soon to be millions of people. And in this moment we were chosen to carry the torch for freedom with Orrin Woodward. Let’s not take this responsibility for granted. We can make a difference! What difference has the-life-business made in your life?

Blessings, Kristen