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“Excellence always demands a price. It should pretty much have to take all you’ve got to become all you can become” Chris Brady. This profound statement is one that many Americans run from. I have learned many principles since associating with and listening to the-life-business founders Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, George Guzzardo, Dan Hawkins and the many others who comprise the list of elite community builders in the-team.biz; but this principle particularly stands out among the rest – success is never given through handouts. In order for someone to truly live the “American Dream” and not be in bondage under someone else’s power, one must work hard and work smart over time to achieve desired results.

Unfortunately, I was raised in a generation that believes the opposite. In fact, I stumbled upon this short news clip that really raised my brow:


Because of my new found association of leaders who understand the value of hard work to achieve results bigger than their current reality, I became ignorant to the fact that millions of ‘young people’ in my generation believe handouts are “the way” to the American Dream! This is one of the many reasons why I build the-life-business! Soon, I believe there will be a FOX news clip titled, “Will the-life-business work for the American Dream?” And it will be LIVE testimonies from regular people who have achieved the American Dream due to their association with an organization of millions who dedicated their lives to a purpose bigger than themselves.

In one day the TEAM will gather thousands of leaders who do not believe in government handouts to achieve their dreams. In fact, not only are these thousands of people who will fill the Nationwide Arena and Visalia Convention Center going to be learning how to achieve their own American Dream, they are going to be learning how to preserve our country’s American Dream! If you are fed up with the thinking our society is creating, join us in Ohio and California and learn how the-life-business and Orrin Woodward can lead you to a life of freedom and prosperity and a real American Dream!

Blessings, Kristen