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“To love is to see a glimpse of heaven.” Karen Sunde

We have all heard the phrase, “Love at first sight.” Some believe, some don’t, so what. At church today my pastor, Ben Davis, shared a biblical message that struck a cord with me as he preached on this not so common phrase, “Love at last sight.”

While I am not about to re-explain and preach his entire message, I will share a video that was played for us to give a deeper understanding of this concept of ‘Love at Last Sight.’ Please watch as George and Loretta Frederickson share their story (you may want to grab the Kleenex box):

In all that I have learned and will continue to learn, relationships require constant attention and commitment. Pastor Davis calls this, ‘being ALL there.” When we are with a person that we care about, are we ALL there? Or do we allow distractions to take over our ability to be ALL there? With our ever increasing technology it is becoming more and more difficult to give the attention that is deserved to the relationship that is being built.

There was an example of a man who had cancer and only a short time left to live. This man decided that because he knew he didn’t have much time that any time he was with his kids and his wife in the car, he would turn his cell phone off so as not to lose those moments with his family due to distractions. Later, this man found out his cancer wasn’t terminal and decided that he would continue with his actions from before because it taught him to embrace those short moments he had with them. Another example was a mother who had a special basket she left on the dinner table. Every night before the family sat down for dinner she would pass the basket around and collect any devices that would cause a distraction during dinner time (cell phone, ipod, etc). She wanted to make sure her family knew that dinner time was a valuable time to build the family bond.

All this talk about relationships challenged me to think about the relationships I have in my life. Do I allow distractions to divide the love I have for people? Do I allow my thoughts and actions to separate me from the love I have for Christ? Am I ‘ALL there’ when it comes to my relationships with friends, family, teammates and my God?

This concept of, ‘Love at Last Sight’ refers to changing, improving, repairing, building and sustaining lasting relationships so that at the end of your life you can reflect on every meaningful relationship and say you had a ‘love at last sight.’

My hunger to learn from other people runs deep. What proactive approaches have you taken or will you take to be ‘ALL there’ with the relationships you feel are ‘love at last sight’ relationships? Please feel free to comment!