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Susan M. Bianchi wrote a book on parenting and uses a time diaries survey to show the relation of how much time married mothers and fathers spend with their children. In an average week, a married father only spends 6.5 hours with his kids and married mothers spend 12.9 hours a week. With 168 hours total in a week, this seems to be a bit of a tragedy. This survey also does not take into account single parents who are working multiple jobs. While lifestyles have changed, the economy has changed and people have changed, these numbers paralyze me in to thinking that most kids are no longer being raised by parents – but TV, video games and cell phones.

If you are a parent reading this and you want more quality time with your children then I couldn’t lead you to a better resource than the-life-business. I have met countless people who have been able to walk away from their current professions to be full-time stay at home parents. Not only is one parent home but in many cases both parents are home with their kids. The amount of time it takes to develop an income stream through LIFE that can get parents time with their children is in many cases less time than it takes to get a Bachelor’s Degree. Would it be worth it? You tell me! Please watch this short but powerful video that shows how important T-I-M-E is in a child’s life: