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I spent the afternoon with a group of hungry leaders discussing the newly launched Mental Fitness Challenge that Orrin Woodward and the founders of the-life-business created. As we gathered in community enjoying each other’s company and bouncing ideas around, I couldn’t help but sit back and listen, thinking about how we arrived in this very moment.

As I study the media and what is going on in our world, I can’t help but be thankful for what the founders have gone through to get us to this point. Just to relay some statistics: the average American is watching 151 hours of television a month (that’s around 5 hours of TV per day in a 30 day month). Most Americans are spending on average 2.47 hours on the internet and 2.06 hours on their cell phone (this is outside of normal working hours) and 1.35 hours are spent listening to the radio. This begs the question, in a 24 hour day, if the average person is spending 10.88 hours a day using technology – not including working hours, who is communicating with and taking care of the children? Let’s look further, in a survey it showed that parents who work full-time spend just 19 minutes every day caring for their own children (ages 10 and up – during the most crucial time of their lives). While the numbers may vary slightly depending on the study you are looking at, the results are generally similar. This should cause concern after reading if it hasn’t already in what you have witnessed.

I was raised in the “latch-key” kid generation. As soon as I was old enough to walk home on my own I did. My parents were divorced so my mom was the primary care giver and needed to work in order to provide basic needs for my brother and I. So if it wasn’t going to a babysitter or a grandparents’ house we were going home to an empty house. Thankfully my parents instilled enough values into us that we didn’t do anything that was going to get us in too much trouble but the temptation was always there. In the earlier ages, we were not allowed to go outside for fear of ‘strangers’ that might see us kids home-alone. So instead, we just turned on the TV and blankly stared at the big black box until mom got home from work. 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours would pass and we wouldn’t move… basically being brainwashed by a bunch of advertisements and TV shows that were subconsciously sending inappropriate hidden messages into our innocent little minds. But in 15 years, technology has changed, lifestyles have changed and now ‘kids’ my age are having children of their own! Can you see where I am going with this? I think my point rests. Things will never change unless WE do!

Had I not been introduced to new information through the-life-business and the mental fitness challenge, I may have always believed that TV was a fantastic babysitter. I may have never recognized the value that reading plays in a child’s life. What we are doing is truly creating a revolution. Not just a leadership revolution but a lifestyle revolution. Since associating with the incredible TEAM community, I have seen young parents sell their entertainment center, get rid of cable and all the TV’s in their home so they never have the option of using the TV as a temporary babysitter. I have spent time with people in my organization who used to listen to 4-5 hours of music a day that sometimes led them to emotional breakdowns and self harm who have chosen to only listen to audios that would uplift them and only music that provided value in their life. I coach people who went from playing in sports leagues 3-4 nights per week with an after party each of those nights give up that lifestyle to spend 3-4 nights a week saving another couple from divorce or bankruptcy using the TEAM information system.

There is story after story after story of men and women who have chosen to change where they get their information so that they can live the life they have always wanted to live. The world’s media is tainted! No, worse, it’s flat out ludicrous! And if we don’t change the source of our information then the next generation will believe and live everything that they hear that the media is telling them. Actually, it’s already happening at a rapid pace. The only way we can change that is if we become the examples by living it (see Orrin Woodward’s recent blog post Give it Your Best) and we get out there and show these families, these teenagers and these children that there is an alternative way of living. I shutter to think about the world my future children will live in if we don’t go out there and share this information with every person we encounter. The-life-business and the mental fitness challenge is our gateway to a new way of thinking and a new way of living… it’s about time the world knows it exists!

Blessings, Kristen