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Last night at the-life-business monthly seminar we had the honor of hearing from LIFE founders and the-team.biz policy council members Claude and Lana Hamilton! This couple is a true example of humility in the midst of excellence. They shared from their heart and gave three fantastic talks to the Southeast Wisconsin teams! At the seminar I was able to share a story that seemed to resonate with the crowd that I had many requests for. I heard this from a female pastor online but can’t remember her name so I wanted to share it with you:

A man fell into a pit and he couldn’t get himself out. A subjective came along and said, “I feel for you down there in the pit.” An objective person came and said, “its logical someone would fall down in that pit.” A Christian scientist came along and said, “you only think you are in a pit.” A Pharisee said, “only bad people fall into the pit.” A newspaper reporter wanted the exclusive story on the pit. A fundamentalist said, “you deserve your pit.” Confucius said, “if you listened to me you wouldn’t be in a pit.” A realist said, “that’s a pit.” A scientist calculated the pressure necessary to get him out of the pit. A geologist told him to appreciate the rock strata in the pit. A tax man asked him if he was paying taxes on the pit. The council inspector asked him if he had a permit to dig a pit. An evasive person came along and avoided the subject of a pit altogether. A self-pitying person said, “you haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen my pit.” A charismatic said, “just confess, you’re not in the pit.” An optimist said, “things could get worse.” A pessimist said, “things will get worse.” Jesus saw the man, nelt down and lifted him out of the pit.

One constant I know about life is that it is tough. People are struggling in their finances, their faith, maybe an addiction, relationships, health, purpose, the list could go on and on. And the issue with society is that people have no problem rationalizing, objecting, making excuses and pointing the finger. If you have fallen into a pit, you need to stop digging! What we as a community do is reach down and pull people out of the pit. We take responsibility and we do it. Will you be the hands and feet of Jesus and join the-life-business as we go out and help pull millions of people out of the pit?

Blessings, Kristen

Next month on June 9th we have the privilege of hearing from huge leaders and servants in the Wisconsin area Steve and Jaime Leurquin and #6 Leadership guru, LIFE founders Orrin and Laurie Woodward! How many people will you pull out of the pit and invite to next month’s meeting?