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WOW! The newly launched Mental Fitness Challenge is taking the world by storm. The-life-business promises five-star, world class information from the best leadership minds on the planet. And in just over 6 months the LIFE founders – led by #6 leadership guru Orrin Woodward – and his team have proven their word with action to the community!

With the launch of the Mental Fitness Challenge (MFC) came the launch of Challenge Groups where small groups of 8-16 people gather every other Tuesday night to discuss resolutions from Orrin Woodward’s Resolved book. The 13 resolutions are areas in which each of us can resolve to change over time as we strive for excellence. In the MFC, these 13 resolutions comprise the wheel of categories for us to grow as we strive to live the life we’ve always wanted.

This past week living rooms, offices, churches and dorm rooms were filled across the United States and Canada in small groups where Resolution #1 – Purpose – was discussed. Purpose is the foundation of our lives – it is our mission. Please listen to this short 2.5 minute interview that Sean Willard recently had with Orrin as he sums up what purpose is:

Inspirational and Motivation Speaker of South Africa –  Sean Willard interviews New York Times Best Selling Author – Orrin Woodward

What a powerful example of what it means to have purpose in one’s life. The Mental Fitness Challenge resolves that everyone discover their God-given purpose in LIFE. As I was able to sit and listen in the group discussion I attended I couldn’t help but feel blessed in knowing we are making an impact by helping others think, talk and discover their purpose. That night, Josh, a new member of the LIFE/TEAM said, “without a purpose we become selfish. We live life only for ourselves not serving others. With purpose it gives us a reason to serve and make a difference.” I couldn’t agree more!

If you attended a challenge group, what key points did you take out of the discussion on Purpose?

Blessings, Kristen