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“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” Walt Disney

I am sitting by the pool at my hotel in Phoenix, AZ taking some time to read and reflect on an unforgettable weekend in Tuscon with the-life-business founders George and Jill Guzzardo.

Myself and a couple of the leaders in my community had the honor of spending three days at the Guzzardo home this past weekend. The motto was, “what happens in Tucson stays in Tucson.” So, while I would love to share every detail of the weekend with you, I can’t as it would be dis-loyal.

However, I can say that this past weekend had to be one of the best weekends of my life. A lot of people question why I do what I do and this weekend really confirmed for me why. It is not a money thing, nor a time thing for me. It is purpose thing. I was able to witness morning, noon and night what a purpose-filled life looks like. At night I would sit outside by the pool and gaze into the sky thinking about the power of what this LIFE community is offering people; how many marriages have been saved, financial train wrecks that have been healed, addictions that have been overcome, kids that now have parents who are instilling morals and values into their lives. And I would think of George and Jill and the influence they have in thousands of people’s lives including mine. The legacy that they are leaving, the purpose they are fulfilling. George and Jill’s Guzzardo’s lifestyle started out as a dream and is now a reality because of the thousands of people they have helped and their commitment to their purpose.

LIFE is not just a business, it is a purpose with a business attached to it. While it takes hard work, persistence, commitment, courage and character to build a successful LIFE community, the real secret is finding your burning reason WHY you are doing it.

As I was leaving the Guzzardo’s home I was feeling very emotional because for the first time ever I could not only see my reason why, I was able to live my reason WHY. George and Jill Guzzardo’s life is the life I have always wanted. And the most rewarding feeling was witnessing my team leaders getting emotional about their reason WHY also.

I am sharing some of the photos from our weekend as a tool to help you discover your burning reason WHY.

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As Chris Brady says, ask yourself, “Are you building a business or are you chasing a dream?”