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Before getting involved with the-LIFE-business, I never knew there was a term for doing good. Some people used to call it “sucking up” or “getting attention” but I just looked at it as something that made me feel good. We have all had our moments where our hearts were in the right place and we did everything we could to help or serve another human being. And then we have all had our moments where we wish we didn’t have to see or be around another human being.

But the issue I have been experiencing more recently is the lack of compassion people have in serving others. It’s as if life has put dark sunglasses over the eyes of all people, and as long as you can’t see into another person’s eyes, it’s okay to believe they don’t exist. Our society has become so passive and complacent that even simple gestures of opening a door, smiling, looking one in the eyes and saying ‘thank you’ seems difficult. People have become so focused on themselves due to stress and anxiety that they just choose to ignore any thought of serving all together. I once heard the quote, “it’s hard to pull a drowning victim out of the water if you are drowning yourself.”


I believe the-life-business is a breath of fresh air because it allows individuals to qualify themselves for a promotion in becoming a better person by serving others. The individuals who choose to be a part of LIFE are being thrown life jackets to stay afloat. But it’s their responsibility to swim safely back to shore. And as they make their way safely to shore they are bringing other drowning victims with them; and as more people make it safely, more life jackets can be thrown back out. It’s not all about just saving yourself, we are called to save others as well. That’s what serving is all about… getting our hearts right so that we can focus on the betterment of others. Please take a moment and read a fantastic article from LIFE founder George Guzzardo’s blog.

Blessings, Kristen


The LIFE Business, lead by founder Orrin Woodward, has adopted a service first model of leadership. I believe that this is the number one quality attributed to those leaders who have developed large communities.  Servant leadership was coined and made popular by Robert Greenleaf years ago when he wrote the best selling book, ‘Servant Leadership’. 

Anyone on the job or in management knows that the servant leadership model has not been adapted in the mainstream of business.  Most people still employ a positional or authoritarian style of leading people. The vast majority of people on the job still feel they are a being used to create a profit for their company and have little or no input on how things go on the job. This is one way of creating an on the job atmosphere of low morale. People’s self esteem is at an all time low partly thanks to the current managerial model.The reasons are simple why people use positional authority.  It’s easier to demand performance than to be an example.  It’s easier to tell someone what to do than to take the time to develop the leadership qualities that it takes to influence someone.  It’s easier to demand, “Do it the way I say”, or  “I’m in charge here!”  The current management model is derived from authority. Not that that type of manager cares, but people typically have no respect for someone in positional authority.

Leading from a service model requires an internal transformation about how one thinks about people. John Maxwell says, “Leadership has less to do with position than it does with disposition.”  The way people are treated is an example of one’s world view.  Influence that develops from a servant leadership model is earned.  The wise leader serves with humility.  They have a grateful appreciation for the gifts and abilities of others.  They do not let their ego get out of line.  Charles Spurgeon said, “Arrogance is the result of pride and selfishness.”  

Are you a serving leader or a self – serving leader?  Our adversary is our own ego.  Evaluate the frame of reference that comes from being focused on service.  A servant leader puts others ahead of their agenda. By performing small acts of service anonymously you lead by example.

 Actions of a service first attitude include:

  1. Demonstrating patience with self – control.
  2. Kindness is displayed by displaying courtesy.
  3. Humility is displayed by honoring another person.
  4. Integrity, the number one quality for a leader is displayed with honesty. In other words, “No hidden agendas”.
  5. Communication comes from empathetic listening and giving complete attention.

Servant leadership is an example of why the LIFE Leadership Community is exploding with growth.  People like how they feel and they keep coming back for more. People want respect, encouragement, and appreciation. If the saying found in the Declaration of Independence,  “Endowed by their Creator “ is correct, then we should be celebrating the unique qualities found in every human being. Leadership has not been thought of as a product, so the LIFE business products are in high demand because of the void they fill.  The leadership quality of service is just another example of why the LIFE business will be the hottest selling product of the future.  God Bless, George Guzzardo 

(Please comment on how the servant leadership concept has changed how you interact with people; or give an example of servant leadership in your own life. Please also visit George Guzzardo’s blog and read more of his outstanding articles.)