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Anyone who knew me even 5 years ago knows that reading was not my strong suit. I only bought books in college because they were required but very rarely even opened them. Before then I relied heavily on Cliffsnotes and maybe only read a couple books cover to cover during my conveyor belt of education. Required reading turned me off because it never dealt with issues that I was actually interested in. And because of this I had no interest in reading for pleasure. When I got started in the-life-business I was told that reading 15 minutes a day was essential to developing as a leader. As you can imagine, that was not music to my ears. Every time I picked up a book I had flashbacks of the terrible titles I was required to read in high school and college and couldn’t keep my focus past the first couple of pages. Interestingly enough, I started to pick up titles such as, Personality Plus, The Slight Edge and The Magic of Thinking Big. All of the sudden I caught myself getting through chapters at a time without even picking my head up to look at the clock. From that point on I knew there was something to this personal development stuff. While it certainly didn’t happen overnight, now I can say that I enjoy reading and look forward to it and often read 3-4 books a month.

One of the best examples I have been able to learn from is LIFE founder George Guzzardo. From what I have learned about George, he too struggled with reading in his earlier days. And over time, as he studied the top 5 books, titles on economics, relationships and history, George has gained a widespread popularity in the TEAM as being named ‘the professor.’ George’s thirst for new knowledge from reading has developed a hunger in so many others. It’s very inspiring for me to see a man who I believe has so much wisdom already but yet still has the humility to pick up another book and continue to learn more. I don’t think there is any better example to learn from than George Guzzardo in understanding the power of reading. Please check out Orrin Woodward’s blog to learn more about George and some of the impact he has made as a lifetime learner.


How have men like Orrin Woodward and George Guzzardo impacted your life? How has the the-life-business helped you become a lifetime learner? We would love to hear your feedback!

Blessings, Kristen