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I was first introduced to the business of community building when I was about 18 years old. I was ignorant and naive and didn’t know what I didn’t know. I made decisions based on the information I was given growing up and little did I know that some of those decisions would cost me later. Entering college, I was given some information by my AAU basketball coach, Dave Chatmon, and he claimed it would help me in multiple areas of my life. I don’t really know specifically if it did help me at the time because I was only interested in learning about the area in which I was going to school to study; but in any case I do remember listening to the information. At the time we were associated with another company and working with a different organization other than TEAM. While I won’t go into the details of that experience, I can say that the reason I was not excited about the concept of community was because this company was strictly product focused and not community focused at all. I couldn’t see spending a bunch of money on stuff I would never use and trying to get my friends to buy it too. I liked the idea of learning but because my thinking was so far off, I didn’t have the hunger to learn any more than I already was in school.

A couple years into this venture we decided to break ties with the old company we were with and follow Orrin Woodward. I didn’t know who exactly Orrin was but I do remember seeing him at a conference and he seemed much different than the leaders we were working with in the other organization. Dave started to invest in some of Orrin’s materials and would borrow them to me to listen to. There was just something radically different about this man – and it was good. Once we severed ties with the old company my commitment level raised significantly. I loved the information I was learning and the association even more and I fell in love with the leaders we were following. In those years since I bought into the idea of developing communities and changing lives. Initially, most people get started in business because they want to make money, they want to get time back and they want to get out of debt. I personally didn’t get in for any of those reasons. In fact, to this day I have no idea why I decided to get in – the only common denominator was Dave Chatmon persistently encouraging me to do it. So from the perspective of someone joining a business who really wanted nothing to do with it and the fact that it was strictly product focused in something I had no interest in leads me to the purpose of this article. There had to be a plan. There had to be a reason I was introduced at an early age and why I am still around today.

I am sure many of you reading this can relate on some level. There are people you meet, situations you are in and obstacles you face that are completely disconnected with the plan that you construct for yourself. When I started to take this business serious, I was led to living rooms of people that I probably shouldn’t have been in; I met people that were part of my life for 30 minutes and I never saw them again. I have countless stories to tell that can only be added together using one word: providence.

Providence is defined as a manifestation of divine care or direction. Have you ever thought about yourself 5-10 years ago and if where you are today matches the life you thought you were going to have back then? When I was 18 I was sure that by the time I was 26 I would be out of college, working full time as a teacher, married with one child. That’s what I wanted back then for my life today. And when I actually stop to think, my life couldn’t be further from that plan. Yes I am out of college, but I am not teaching full time, I am not married and I have no children. In fact, I have thrown in the towel with my teaching degree and decided to pursue the-life-business as a full time profession in developing communities of people. My career has changed completely. Do you think that was the work of me? Or the work of God?

Today, when we go out into the living rooms of America we don’t have to hide behind a product that is expensive and useless. We don’t have to get passionate about something we really aren’t excited about…we actually get to lead with making a difference and use our LIFE products on the back end to change their life. Ever since the-life-business launched I have run into more and more people who are just looking to do something bigger with their life. Most people are not getting started in the-life-business to make another dollar, they are getting started because they want to affect change in our culture. They can feel the passion coming from the leaders on the audios, they can see the hope in people’s eyes at the meetings and they want to feel that. LIFE is leading people to a lifetime of learning, of changing and of becoming the person God designed them to be. Most people now, if they stick around for even 3 months, recognize the providential plan that it took to lead them to LIFE. It took me 6 years to recognize that plan!!

Can you imagine the impact the-life-business will make when more and more people are experiencing transformational changes in their life within just months of getting started? No longer does it become about a product, now it is about following God’s plan. Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, George Guzzardo and all the LIFE founders have figured out something no company has ever figured out… how to lead people to truth using a business they can make a difference in. I know in my heart that being led to this company and these leaders was nothing short of providential and because of what they have created, more and more people will recognize the divine plan that led them to you. I know this is God’s plan for my life, have you recognized that this might just be God’s plan for your life too? What do you plan to do with what you have been given?