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In the last handful of years I have been studying people who have significant success in life. While it would be safe to say that having a good job and a loving family rises to the top of the charts for success, unfortunately, it’s not a reality. I have sat down with a lot of people and discussed topics that range from fun, finances and family to spirituality, significance and legacy. Every person’s definition of success is different, but what makes a stay at home, a teacher, an engineer, an electrician, a factory worker or a missionary different from a Ray Kroc, a Henry Ford, a Vince Lombardi, a Steve Jobs, a Sam Walton or an Orrin Woodward? All of them started out just like you and I, but they certainly didn’t stay there.

I don’t have a direct answer to what makes one person appear more successful than the other but I do have a prediction as to why there is a large gap that separates the factory worker who works hard, loves and provides for his family and an Orrin Woodward who also works hard, loves and provides for his family. From what I have learned, I believe there are 3 things that one must think about when determining what path will lead them towards success:

1) Entrepreneurship – one needs to have unlimited income potential and opportunity. While there is nothing wrong with having a job, if all you have is a job then you will always be in handcuffs that limit the control you have over your finances, your time and more directly any long-term success in your profession.

2) Work ethic – If you don’t eat, sleep and breathe what you do, then chances are you are not working hard enough. Most people are ‘doing their time’ but just enough to get by to not get fired. I believe it’s not just because they have lost desire and passion for what they do, it’s that deep down they know they are pursuing their bosses dreams and not their own so why work any harder than what’s needed to get the job done? (see #1) This could be one blog article in and of itself but one other issue I see with work ethic is distractions. Most people are busy doing the wrong things and by the end of the day they never accomplished anything that would move them closer to their own dreams.

3) Systems/Patterns – One needs a proven, predictable program that specifically guides an individual down a successful path. As I have heard Orrin Woodward say, “without a system, it’s like paddling in the middle of the ocean in a canoe without ever being able to see the shoreline.” You will never know which direction to go and chances are you will never get anywhere.

I know what you are thinking…but Kristen, there are so many more things that define success. Believe me, I know! There are hundreds of categories we could touch on that would broaden this topic but the goal of this article was not to talk about the definitions of success or what makes a person successful, the goal was to share perspective on HOW to pursue success in your own life by studying what other successful individuals are doing. Like I mentioned, these three things could each stand alone as their own article and it is my opinion based on what I have seen following the-life-business founders Orrin Woodward and George Guzzardo.

Take Sam Walton for example, born in Oklahoma, grew up during the Great Depression, fought to go to college where he earned an economics degree, received his first job working as a  JC Penny manager and soon after getting married he joined the Army. After the war he decided to pursue entrepreneurship and used a 25,000 dollar loan to rent a shop franchisee chain of Butler Brothers in Newport in Arkansas. This shop is where they tested what would soon make the Walton’s very successful. Starting this new company was what Sam Walton did, it was who he was. He worked harder than anyone else and never gave up even during the most difficult times. Wal-Mart is now the benchmark for franchises all over the world. There are over 4,750 stores (mainly in the United States but internationally as well) and Wal-Mart employs over 1.4 million people. Sam Walton was the richest man in America during the years of 1985-1988 and his children today hold 5 of the top 10 spots for wealthiest people in America.

What Sam Walton did for retail, I believe Orrin Woodward is duplicating through compensated communities. While many of my previous articles have given the history of Orrin’s journey into entrepreneurship and his unwavering work ethic to get to where he is at today, I want to more specifically talk about how Orrin has mastered #3 – Systems and Patterns. Any success giant would tell you that #3 is probably the most crucial step in developing long-term systematic success. An entrepreneur can start their own company and work hard for years and years but if they never develop a way to duplicate or leverage their time using a system, they will always be limited by their own abilities. Years back, Orrin Woodward, through trial and error, running through mud, criticism, etc developed a program that literally revolutionized the industry of compensated community. He called it Power Player. When a person gets started in the-life-business, they are immediately introduced to the Power Player program. It has been proven over and over that power player is the only strategy that has ALWAYS worked no matter what product was being represented or what compensation plan was being used. It is a checklist of accomplishments that is specifically designed to help anyone achieve success using the-life-business model. It is 100% transparent and duplicatable. It is simple but it is not easy. Just know this, IT WORKS! I believe Power Player will be the play that is called as the 1,000,000th person walks through the doors of a leadership seminar. It will require thousands of people to accomplish power player over and over again to reach the TEAM’s destiny of 1,000,000 people.

For the first time, I know that ANYONE who decides to join Orrin Woodward in the-life-business and go Power Player over and over using compensated communities, will achieve success that most could only dream about. Success is created by design, it is a deliberate action to take the right steps in the right direction following the right system. Power Player is the play, will you have the courage to follow your own dreams and design the life you’ve always wanted? It starts with going Power Player!

Blessings, Kristen