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For a long time I did not understand the power of dreaming; until I started learning from and associating with leaders like Orrin Woodward and George Guzzardo who are founders in the-life-business, From the time we are children we are told to dream big and never let anyone stop us from pursuing those dreams. But then as we grow up, we are told to get real or stop fantasizing on something that will never happen. What happened? When did life give us permission to stop dreaming?

As I write this and look around my bedroom, I never realized it but my room is full of wall hangings, pictures and nic-naks that say “Dream” or “Never give up” or “If you can dream it you can do it.” I even have a dream board hanging next to my closet so when I look for my clothes in the morning I am reminded again of what my dreams are. There must be about 10 reminders in my room to dream. But because I see them everyday, they don’t serve the same purpose as actually visualizing my dream or pursuing my dreams. Just as with all my reminders, we can get so used to the way things are that we forget what we are chasing after.

When I was younger I only had one dream and that was to be a professional basketball player and play for the New York Liberty in the WNBA. For as long as I could remember that was always on the forefront of my mind as I fought my way through the intense sport of basketball for as many as 18 years. When I realized that dream wasn’t going to come true, I started to shrink all other possibilities in my life too eventually throwing in the towel, like so many others do, when it comes to dreaming. I believe the reason so many people quit dreaming is for the fear of disappointment, pain and rejection. It’s just easier to not dream. Dreaming requires sacrifice, hard work and commitment. So is it any wonder why so many people quit dreaming?

The other night I had a great talk with my twin brother who has always done things polar opposite from me. You hear stories of most twins who are inseperable, have so many things in common and do everything together. Well that couldn’t have been further from the truth for Craig and I; he was gifted in media and technology while I was gifted in athletics, he was very sociable while I was very quiet and reserved, he didn’t like to learn in school while I loved to learn. It’s true we didn’t have anything in common but when it came to passion and dreaming in our adult life, we both share that commonality very well. It wasn’t until we both found something we were passionate about that we discovered this similarity.

Craig didn’t know it at the time but he was meant to be a musician. Check out this cute video of him playing the piano at about 2 years old:

Craig went 20 years pursuing hobbies that he thought were his dreams. How many of us can relate? It wasn’t until a handful of years ago (after he graduated college) that he discovered his passion for music – more specifically the piano. He had never played a musical instrument in his life so he didn’t know a thing about reading sheet music or understanding keys. Ultimately Craig taught himself how to play the piano. Still to this day he can only play by ear. While he knows he has a lot to learn, Craig can visualize himself playing in front of 10’s of thousands of people. He can see himself producing records. He told me the other night that he has recorded every piece of music he has ever played even from the first day he started and that when he dies, those recordings will be very valuable. Craig says that when he is playing, it’s euphoric (he is in a state of intense and unbelievable happiness). He says he has never felt this way about anything before. Craig can see his dream so clearly that it is only a matter of time before he is living his dream.

You saw the before – now check out a piece of the after, it speeds up towards the end and he starts to sing also:

Do you have a dream that is so clear, so vivid that you are only moments away from living it? Imagine the life with no dreams? It is not too late. If you still have breath, you can still dream. The-life-business provides a vehicle for non-dreamers to begin to dream again. That’s what it did for me! Orrin Woodward says, “the limiting factor on your success is not the size of the obstacles, but the size of your dream.” Don’t waste anymore time pursuing a life that is dream-less. Dig deep and discover the gifts you have, re-ignite the passion that has been inside you all along and never give up on pursuing your dreams.

Please share how the-life-business or any other vehicle has helped you to dream again. More specifically, what are some of those dreams you are chasing after?

Blessings, Kristen

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