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There is so much anticipation surrounding the release of Orrin Woodward and Oliver DeMille’s new book, Leadershift.

LeadershiftPrior to joining LIFE I was not interested in learning about the history behind America’s freedom. I was an ignorant college student that took my freedoms for granted and as long as it didn’t affect me personally (or so I thought) then it didn’t matter to me. It was a naive selfishness that I am ashamed to admit. However, as I have gotten older I have taken a personal interest in learning about America’s history not only for myself but to pay it forward to future generations. It now has become one of my favorite topics to study.

One thing I have always appreciated about Orrin Woodward and the LIFE founders is their honesty and willingness to teach truth. Most people only speak about what Americans want to hear, not what they need to hear. Orrin recently posted this blog and I was inspired to pass it on. America needs a Leadershift, what part will you play?

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Posted by Orrin Woodward on March 22nd, 2013:

Jeff Daniels, playing Will in his TV show, believes America is in decline. In fact, he believes this so emphatically that some of his language in the video is not children-friendly. I apologize in advance for some of the wording in this video. However, the points he makes and the discussion around it are so valuable that I decided to post it. Mr. Daniels has pinpointed the effects of the Five Laws of Decline upon American society. Nonetheless, identifying the effects and solving the issues are not one and the same thing. The Five Laws of Decline must be rooted out of our culture, ending the plunder of working citizens on both sides of the political aisle.

LeaderShift is Oliver DeMille and my proposal on how to do just that. I am posting Jeff Daniels video which states the challenge and then the trailer for LeaderShift which responds to the challenge. Yes, America, and the West, have much work to do, but what a great time to be alive and play a part in the LeaderShift!


Orrin Woodward


As a follow up to Orrin’s great article, I also wanted to include the summary for Leadershift that was recently posted on George Guzzardo’s blog – book to be released April 16th, 2013.

A most provocative business parable for our troubled times, LeaderShift is the story of how David Mersher, the successful CEO of IndyTech, sets out to discover why the United States is losing its leadership edge and what he can do to turn things around and make America truly great again. 

In the process, Mersher and his team learn how the Five Laws of Decline are eroding the nation’s economy-quietly ruining businesses and big institutions-and what American executives and citizens need to do to put a stop to this.

Above all, Mersher and his colleagues discover something few business leaders or citizens of free nations have yet to realize: Our world today is on the verge of a momentous LeaderShift, one which will reframe the twenty-first century and significantly alter the way we govern, lead, and do business.

When Mersher and his team get help from a surprising source, the result is stunning and unexpected-and it’s one that concerned Americans will certainly reflect upon for decades to come.

The next LeaderShift is almost here.

Are you ready?