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I wrote this poem several years ago. I pray it touches your heart and reminds you of the love God has for you.

God Bless,


Delivered: An Encounter with Jesus

A sound so faint I could not hear,

The whisper of this voice.

“I want to talk to you my dear,”

“…Although you have a choice.”

Confused my thoughts begin to race,

“What do you want with me?”

He answers, “look upon my face,”

“I’m here to help you see.”


“You’ve been lost for far too long,

I’ve watched you from the start.

You need to know where you went wrong,

so you can accept me in your heart.”


“My faith is weak, my trust is low,

I don’t know what to do.

I need a Savior, this I know.

How can I follow you?”

“My love is free, I offer grace,

Your sins have been forgiven.

I have delivered you from this place,

But you need to change your livin.”


“Lord, your timing is perfection,

I need you so much now.

I do not know my own reflection,

I’ll follow you, but how?”


“Study, grow, pray, and live,

A life that glorifies me.

Serve and love and always give,

So others, too, will see.”

“But Lord the sin, the struggle, the pain,

How do I remain strong?

Life is hard, it’s often insane,

It all just seems so wrong.”


“I offer strength, just look to me,

You are not alone.

I overcame the struggles, you see,

Turn and call on Heaven’s throne.”


“God the Father gave salvation,

to every soul on earth.

When I went to the cross I saved the nation,

For every human since birth.”


“This isn’t your home, trust me, there’s hope,

In Eternity that lasts forever.

Heaven is real, hang on to the rope,

Look to this Truth as your lever.”


“Jesus, I love you, I’m grateful you came,

to share this message with me.

I know my life will never be the same,

At last, I can finally see.”

By: Kristen Seidl